I drove around for about two hours looking for a good place to photograph the San Diego skyline. I even Googled a few places to shoot downtown before I set off but I wasn’t satisfied with the views of the buildings. Needless to say I was frustrated and felt I was wasting the evening which could’ve been better spent with some wine and my wife at our motel in Ocean Beach.

On our way back to the motel, I decided to drive along Harbor Island and reminisce about my first trip to San Diego. My family spent Christmas of 1991 in San Diego and stayed at a hotel on Harbor Island. I remembered we had some incredible views of San Diego Bay and the buildings of downtown San Diego.

After a few minutes driving up and down the island, I parked at Harbor Island Park and got this great photo of the San Diego skyline reflecting onto San Diego Bay. I stood there for a few minutes thinking about that first trip to San Diego with my parents and how much I loved the city. I often tell people San Diego is one of the most perfect cities in America.

San Diego Skyline at Night