Grand Falls Arizona has to be one of my favorite hidden destinations in my state. Though many folks do know about this magical place and how to get here, I still feel Grand Falls is generally unknown to most visitors to the state.

I had no idea this place existed until I spotted a very small photo of it near the back of an Arizona Highways magazine long ago. The photograph was a subscriber-submitted photo and simply said that Grand Falls would be flowing soon due to lots of snowfall in the area. I immediately put on my Google hat and went to work finding this unique place. That next weekend I set off to find it.

Placed along the Little Colorado River, Grand Falls drops 185 feet (a little taller than Niagra Falls) in a series of tiers into a canyon. Many folks call this Chocolate Falls as it resembles, chocolate! The mighty river churns up dirt combined with snowfall and rain to make a lovely chocolaty concoction reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Grand Falls Arizona