I found out about Eggshell Arch while laying in my motel bed one evening perusing Panoramio. My wife and I were heading to Monument Valley the next day and I was hoping to find some cool sights to see on the way there. Thankfully I stumbled upon this hidden gem. It reminds me of the famous Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. It sits on the edge of a cliff and overlooks a vast valley underneath.

It was fairly easy to find but the road certainly required a high-clearance vehicle. Eggshell Arch also resides on private land which I later found out. While shooting, a young man named Sylvester came by on his quad. He was searching for a lost heard of sheep which had escaped their pen the night before. This is his family’s land and he told me all about the many visitors who come to photograph this place. I enjoyed chatting with him.

Eggshell Arch